Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Superman! SuperSuper Superman!

Looks I finally returned to my favorite abridged series, The Abridged Adventures of Superman! Three new episodes within a week!

You can tell I'm enjoying this series! XD You can see all the new episodes in the link list.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You Are Now Up To Speed

Okay, so instead of the lack of a new episode being TehWarsmith's or Terranred's, it's my fault!

Yeah... I've been meaning to record my lines for episdoe 19, but I've kinda gotten caught up in other projects, such as "Static Shock Abridged", "Teen Titans Abridged One-Shot", "KHV - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Fandub", and a fandub of the final battle of KH2. However, this is not the only thing holding me up - I'm preparing for school, which promises to be an even more work-drowned year. Yay.

I'll keep this place posted... I think.