Thursday, December 30, 2010



I figured it would be cool to put together a timeline of the Kingdom Hearts 2 Abridged Production. Check it out:

January 2008:
NewKidaye discovers Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged on YouTube, among many other series.

Februrary 2008:
Early February
NewKidaye productions is established, and decides to make an abridged series.
Late February
It is officially agreed that Kingdom Hearts 2 will be the subject of our Abridgement.

March 2008:
Early March
Writing of the first 6 episodes is completed
First 3 Episodes premiere online

April 2008:
Episodes 4-7 premiere online
LittleKuriboh rejects cameoing in the series, and gives a negative review of it.
Episode 8 preimeres online

May 2008:
Production methods are revamped for the series.
Episodes 9-12 premiere online

June 2008:
Episode 13 premieres online, the first season finale.

July 2008:
Episode 2,3,5,6 are re-edited and re-released online

August 2008:
The series takes a month off.

October 2008:
Episode 14 premieres online

November 2008:
Episode 15 premieres online
Spinoff series, Re:Com Abridged premieres to very positive feedback
Episode 16, the last episode that year, premieres online

December 2008:
Re:Com Episode 2 premieres online.

January 2009:
NewKidaye and Tehwarsmith meet to discuss the future of the series. Re:Com episode 3 premieres online.

Februrary-April 2009:
Episode 17 languishes in development.

May 2009
Episode 17 finally premieres online
Late May
Scripts for episodes 18 and 19 (first version)are completed

Series once again langushes in development.
NewKidaye produces new series "The Abridged Adventures of Superman", which lasts 6 episodes.

August 2009
Episode 18 finally premieres online

October-November 2009
NewKidaye Productions sister studio "Nablori Productions" flourishes with shows and movies such as "The Adventures of Holmes and Boss," "All-Star Batman and Robin," and "NewKidaye vs. The Evil Demon Bunny."

December 2009
NewKidaye Productons dibands, and KH2A is cancelled.
Another Nablori Production, "Mickey's Christmas Carol (Abridged)" premieres online.

January-February 2010
Nablori Productions continues to thrive with new episodes of "Holmes and Boss" and "All-Star Batman and Robin."

March 2010
Kingdom Hearts 2 Abridged is revived under the "Nablori" brand.
Episodes 19-22 premiere online

April 2010
JetFire62 & CGNET join the KH2A team, replacing the departed TehWarsmith.
Episodes 23-25 premiere online
All-Star Batman and Robin releses another episode

May 2010
Delays in production prevent any episodes of KH2A to be released this month, but in the meantime the two final episodes of All-Star Batman and Robin premiere.

June-July 2010
No new episodes produced

August 2010
Season 2 finally wrapps with episode 26.
Re:Com Abridged Joins the Nablori productions brand, and releases episodes 4 and 5

September 2010
Episode 6 of Re:Com Premieres online

October 2010
The final episode of Re:Com premieres online
Season 3 of KH2A premieres with episode 27.

November 2010
Episode 28 Premieres Online

December 2010
Episode 29 Premieres online, in place of a Christmas special.

Can't believe I've been at this for 3 years so far... who knows what the fourth year will bring? Hopefully we'll finally be able to finish KH2A!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Episode 29 - The Big Delay-er

Episode 29, originally intended to be episode 19, actually began production about this time LAST YEAR. Due to conflicts with TehWarsmith, the episode never saw the light of day, and instead was replaced by the Port Royal episode. This episode has gone through two rewites, two different recording sessions, and one and a half editings. I think this episode's suffered enough...

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Director Hired!

Alright everyone,

I recently spoke to Wilmp, a good friend of mine and a singer/songwriter, and he's agreed to direct either the first 2 epsodes of Young Justice The Abridged Series, or the premiere of another show I'm working on! This is the guy responsible for several episodes of All-Star Batman and Robin, and I'm hoping he'll be bringing his directing skills into these projects as well.

Also, I recently built a recording studio to be used for the rest of KH2A and YJTAS! You'll be hearing the difference in audio quality in the next episode of KH2A!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Next Abridged Series

What's the next Nablori Productions Abridged series? Young Justice The Abridged Series!

NewKidaye as Superboy & Aqualad
CGNET as Robin
Jetfire62 as Kid Flash
and ThaDoctor17 as Dr. Desmot

Written by:
NewKidaye & ThaDoctor17

Edited by:

Episode 1 has completed writing from my end, and is waiting on the changes from ThaDoctor17.

Episode 2 has begun writing.

Don't worry, this won't interfere with Kingdom Hearts 2 Abridged, especially since we're on the final 8 episodes of that show. =D

Friday, December 3, 2010

New Show Underway

With the ending of All-Star Batman and Robin, and the nearing conclusion of Kingdom Hearts 2 Abridged, I've began development of a new monthly series. All-Star Brave and the Bold, starring some of DC's best, such as Superboy, Robin, Kid Flash, Superman, Batman, and Caprain Marvel, will (hopefully) begin production and premiere sometime this month.

This show's got a huge cast of characters indluding, but not limited to:

Green Arrow
Green Lantern
Jimmy Olsen
Damian Wayne
Lori Luthor
Simon Valentine
Cosmic Boy
Beast Boy
Booster Gold
Braniac 5
Maxwell Lord
The Riddler
Hugo Strange

and of course, the mastermind himself, Lex Luthor.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Complete Episode Listings

Season 1:

101 (1) My Other Side
102 (2) My Other Side’s Worst Day
103 (3) My Wakeup Call
104 (4) My New Enemy
105 (5) My Dragon Balls
106 (6) My Grumpy Old Man
107 (7) My Day in the Underworld
108 (8) My 16mm
109 (9) My Gold Coin
110 (10) My Worst Daymare
111 (11) My Continuity Error
112 (12) My Arabian Chimp
113 (13) My Hakuna Mattata

Season 2:

201 (14) My Jerk
202 (15) My Digital Life
203 (16) My Fear of Computers
204 (17) My Idiot
205 (18) My Old Friend
206 (19) My Curse
207 (20) My Nightmare Before Christmas
208 (21) My Genie
209 (22) My Cowardly Lion
210 (23) My Thank You
211 (24) My Computer Problems
212 (25) My Memory
213 (26) My Worst Day

Season 3:

301 (27) My Birth By Sleep
302 (28) My Pooh Bear
303 (29) My Dance of Doom
304 (30) My Other Side’s Friends
305 (31) My Other Side’s Enemies
306 (32) My Musical
307 (33) My Sea-Salt Ice Cream
308 (34) My Final Bout
309 (35) My Kamikaze Attack
310 (36) My Finale

Season 4: (Re:Com)

401 Our Trippy Castle
402 Our Flamehead
403 Our Science
404 Our Clone
405 Our Realization
406 Our Reunion
407 Our Naptime

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Episode 28 - Finally out

Okay, after some setbacks, mostly my fault, Episdoe 28 has made it online, marking the 10th episode this year. Totally destroying last yers 2, but not quite up to the first year's 16. Oh well. At least I've kept this series going for 3 seasons!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Season 3 Team

Writer, Editor, voice of Sora, Donald, Goofy, etc.

Co-writer, voice of Terra & Luxord

Script editor, voice of Ventus & Roxas

This is shaping up to be a great season!

Check the first episode of this new creative team:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Generic Update


As you may have seen, my primary work for the past few weeks has been finishing up my miniseries, "All-Star Batman and Robin." Now that we've completed the story arc of the first 6 episodes, we're going to focus on making stand-alone episodes on a regular monthly basis. So that series will continue as long as interest persists.

Right now I'm fighting for a revamped season of a show I was previously a team member of called "Cinema and You" which ran from 2007-08 with a total of 10 episodes. What I'm trying to do is ressurect it for two more seasons, giving the show a total of 36 episodes, hence the reason KH2A has been neglected all this time.

I've also completed my year's run on the comic segment of a student magazine titled "State of Insanity" with issue 12. I will not be returning for the 13th issue, as I'm currently developing two webcomics. One titled "Kingdom Hearts Tales" a fanfic I am currently searching for an artist for, and the other "Generation Z" a 30-issue mini comic book based on a comic I did back in 2006.

Now for Kingdom Hearts 2 Abridged. I recently joined forces with Jetfire62 for him to co-write and star in the first 3 episodes of season 3, and CGNET to star in the next 3. I've expanded season three to include 13 episodes instead of the originally planned 10, giving the series 39 episodes upon completion. Episode 26 should also be out soon.

And that's pretty much it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Season 3

Yes, it's probably apparent now that Kingdom Hearts 2 Abridged will be returning for a 3rd and final season. Here is the episode listing for season 3:

Episode 1: Roxas Story pt. 1/3

Episode 2: Roxas Story pt. 2/3

Episode 3: Roxas Story pt. 3/3

Episode 5: Atlantica

Episode 6: Beast's Castle

Episode 7: Twilight Town

Episode 8: The World that Never Was pt. 1/2

Episode 9: The World that Never Was pt. 2/2

Episode 10: End.

Note: list may be subject to change.
With this schedule, I'll be ending the series with a total of 36 episodes. I do plan to continue Re:Com at some point, giving that mini-season a total of 6 episodes. I've also been toying around with the concept of making a 10-13 episode Kingdom Hearts One abridged series, then adding all three series into one with a total of 52-55 episodes, 5 seasons.

We'll see what happens,