Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Generic Update


As you may have seen, my primary work for the past few weeks has been finishing up my miniseries, "All-Star Batman and Robin." Now that we've completed the story arc of the first 6 episodes, we're going to focus on making stand-alone episodes on a regular monthly basis. So that series will continue as long as interest persists.

Right now I'm fighting for a revamped season of a show I was previously a team member of called "Cinema and You" which ran from 2007-08 with a total of 10 episodes. What I'm trying to do is ressurect it for two more seasons, giving the show a total of 36 episodes, hence the reason KH2A has been neglected all this time.

I've also completed my year's run on the comic segment of a student magazine titled "State of Insanity" with issue 12. I will not be returning for the 13th issue, as I'm currently developing two webcomics. One titled "Kingdom Hearts Tales" a fanfic I am currently searching for an artist for, and the other "Generation Z" a 30-issue mini comic book based on a comic I did back in 2006.

Now for Kingdom Hearts 2 Abridged. I recently joined forces with Jetfire62 for him to co-write and star in the first 3 episodes of season 3, and CGNET to star in the next 3. I've expanded season three to include 13 episodes instead of the originally planned 10, giving the series 39 episodes upon completion. Episode 26 should also be out soon.

And that's pretty much it.