Saturday, September 13, 2008

Creative juices...dangerously low...

I have just finished writing 10 pages of the movie's script, thinking up what I hope to be my best material yet. There is still the 1000 heartless battle event to write yet though, although I'll pobably leave that part to Warsmith.

I hope to start dubbing this as soon as possible, although TehWarsmith's mic is still busted.

I can't believe I took most of the summer off... I could have finished the dang thing in August if I tried harder. Oh well. I thought of some new jokes of my own. Perhaps some running jokes. Perhaps not. I'll see how well they're received.


Anonymous said...

At least your getting somewhere, Don't give up! Like the Wise man once said: "Get off my lawn you rotten kids!" But then again that wiseman was alway's Drunk and said Random Things, Some were Wise But Still... {If you improve that joke some how that could be used!}
Yeah... That's the best I got so far so good luck with that!

Jake said...

Sora: So goofy is K.O.'d, Donald and the king bailed on me, I'm facing a thousand heartless, Got full Hp, 1 keyblade, I can't use my drive gauge, And I'm wearing a crown on my head. Let's hit it! (Blues Brothers)
Me: I may have been the Anonymous guy but that's beyond your knowledge, anyway's I know there is something wroung with this joke but I'm just throwing around idea's here.