Thursday, April 15, 2010

Season 3

Yes, it's probably apparent now that Kingdom Hearts 2 Abridged will be returning for a 3rd and final season. Here is the episode listing for season 3:

Episode 1: Roxas Story pt. 1/3

Episode 2: Roxas Story pt. 2/3

Episode 3: Roxas Story pt. 3/3

Episode 5: Atlantica

Episode 6: Beast's Castle

Episode 7: Twilight Town

Episode 8: The World that Never Was pt. 1/2

Episode 9: The World that Never Was pt. 2/2

Episode 10: End.

Note: list may be subject to change.
With this schedule, I'll be ending the series with a total of 36 episodes. I do plan to continue Re:Com at some point, giving that mini-season a total of 6 episodes. I've also been toying around with the concept of making a 10-13 episode Kingdom Hearts One abridged series, then adding all three series into one with a total of 52-55 episodes, 5 seasons.

We'll see what happens,

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