Sunday, November 22, 2009

"All-Star Batman and Robin" Character Bios

To avoid confusion:

Batman/Bruce Wayne
Multi-billionare and heir to the Wayne estate. Years after the murders of Tomas and Martha Wayne, Bruce, now using the name "Batman" fights crime in Gotham in hopes of eliminating the terror and corruption of the city. His crime fighting methods are often heavily critisized, due to their violent and unpredictable nature. This has caused him to lose many Robins (either by firing them due to incompetence, or them quitting,) the longest holder of the title being Dick Grayson. While Batman and Kal-El were never on friendly terms, Batman became close friends with Lar Gand and referrs to him as "Superman," unlike most people.

Robin/Tim Drake
An inhabitant of the Gotham streets, Drake's only source of income was through various robberies and muggings (which usually ended with him being beaten by the person he was first attempting to mug.) Drake's life would change forever the night he attemted to rob Wayne manor. He was taken in by Batman and trained as the new Robin.

Superman/Kal-El A longtime adversary of Batman. He and Batman's differing methods of crime fighting led them to many violent confrentations. Kal-El is currently missing in action, last seen chasing after the infamous robbers, Pedro Qui-Ales Suerta and Jon Duella Muerta.

Superman/Lar GandFormerly known as "Mon-El" "Valor" and "M'onel," is a Draxamite from Kal-El's past. After spending nearly 20 years in the phantom zone, he was released by Kal-El and now functions as a seperate superhero/backup for Superman. Due to Lar Gand's Draxilian genetics, his immune system is very vulnerable on Earth, and is prone to infection. He sufferd from Lead poisoning for years until he was cured by a medicine from the 31st century. He is currently serving as Superman in Kal-El's dissapearance. In the public eye he is still "Mon-El," only called "Superman" by Batman.

Robin/Jason Todd
A street performer drafted by Batman. Jason Todd abandoned the position of Robin after witnessing Batman's voilent interrogation of a innocent suspect. His current whereabouts are unknown. He is the second-shortest serving Robin, having only served for 2 months.


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